Thursday, May 13, 2010

Questions for mommies V

Here are some more questions I got from some of you:

- Why do some women take longer to get pregnant than others? Is there anything you can do to be more fertil?

- What challenges did/do you have while breastfeeding and how to overcome them?

Please comment!


Rebeca Price said...

I think time to get pregnant is very related to hormones changes, stress at the time of ovulation, etc. I dont think it is all related to fertility, because some people are totaly fertil but just cant get it to work right. Just have fun trying!!

The only challenge I had while breastfeeding was that I had way too much milk for about 3 months. My milk was so much that I had to put a cloth diaper in between my breast and the bra. All the nursing pad possible would not work.. :(
Other than that, everything was fine.

Kika & Trevor Windhorst said...

Every woman is different and their bodies are different. There is not one answer as to why some women get pregnant "easier" than others. Hormonal issues, reproductory system issues, weight, lifestyles... all these play an important role in a woman's fertility. I would say if someone is concerned that they are trying to get pregnant and can't, talk to your doctor. There are plenty of tests our there to determine why a woman isn't getting pregnant.
And as Beca said, have fun trying :)

My issue with breastfeeding was that I had no milk :(

Aline Carson said...

The main challenge I had with breatfeeding was that it hurt soooooo bad. For the first 3 months it did. It would get better and then I would get cracked nipples or something and it would start hurting all over again. My life became so much easier once I called my nurse, told her what was happening and she told me to get one of those silicone nipples so the child doesn't have direct contact with your nipple when it's hurt. That saved my life and I was able to breastfeed until my child was 1.

Aline Carson said...

Oh, and I only used it for so long (for like a month).