Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Female Rat Race

I read something today that I think every one of you could relate to. I know I couldn't put it as well in my own words so I am just going to paste a link to it here:

Dropping Out of The Female Rat Race

A friend of mine and my old personal trainer wrote this. She is an amazing, exemplary person. She has three kids and one on the way. I would go over to her house for her to help me exercise and our kids would play. Every time I went over there she managed to make me feel so much better about myself. She was always so positive, outgoing, courageous, and funny. When she looked at you, you could see light and love coming from her eyes. I could go on and on about how amazing she is; obviously I admire her. She has "the worth of a soul" all figured out as you can see from this article. I hope that we can all try to step out of the comparison trap and just fill our cups with love instead of envy, self pity, and fear. The hard part is how do we stop comparing ourselves! Any suggestions?

p.s. Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I now have a mobile baby and she is so much fun but keeping me constantly busy! That's a good thing though :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

What is YOUR style?

So many of you already know that I'm moving to a different country and leaving everything behind. Furniture, appliances, EVERYTHING. Actually, I'm selling everything and have already sold all the big stuff (again, furniture and appliances). I still have SO many little stuff like baby clothes that I have been keeping in storage bags for future children. Christmas decoration, pretty much everything in my kitchen like cups, plates...I HAVE sold some plates but I still have some more. I'm taking all silverware and a few fancy crystal cups (I know, I'm crazy to take those in suitcases but I'm not leaving them behind).

We still have two desktop computers,  a printer, baby bedding, and toys to sell. I'm leaving in a few weeks and I have no clue what I'm going to do with all this stuff if I don't sell it.

It's amazing how much stuff we can accumulate over the years.  When I move, I'm pretty much starting all over again. As if we were newly weds, all over again. But now with children. We're going to have to buy beds, bedding, and other little things for them. We're going to have to buy (I keep writing BYU instead of "buy" 'cause I'm so used to it haha) a couch, a TV, a bed for us, a dining table, cups, plates...And this is just the basic stuff.

I have to admit I'm pretty excited to start all over again. Our house is going to be junk-free for a little while (probably not very long though). I'm going to be able to decorate again with stuff that is my style NOW, instead of having to stick with the stuff that was my style 4 or 5 years ago (because I wouldn't just sell everything and buy everything new "just because"). 

At the same time, I'm a little worried because I'm scared I'm not going to be able to sell the stuff we have left to sell and I'm also worried I'm not going to have enough money to buy (dang, I keep writing byu) everything we need to buy because we still need to buy a car, rent an apartment, buy food, EVERYTHING! And we're probably NOT going to buy all the house stuff at first, just the very basic. But I will want to buy a few things to make my house cute and comfy. It's not easy selling and giving away everything you have and then having to wait a long time to have it all again. I had so many decorations!!!! ARGH!
Anyway, I'm writing all this because this time around I really want to think about the big picture before I start buying things all over again and not just get a bunch of stuff that I like but that don't go so well together. I've been trying to find out what my style is, what kind of things I like...Because I probably won't have another opportunity like this anytime soon. Probably never again. But like I said, I'm not buying tons of stuff, just the basics, so I want to make sure I get nice pieces that I really like.

So since I've been researching all kinds of styles and still haven't found anything I really like, I thought about asking all of you this question: "What is your style?"

Lately I've been leaning more towards a more traditional style but nothing too fancy. I like simple, homey, and comfortable. But still stylish. I love pottery barn, but their living room styles all have a light colored sofa which is a big no-no for me. I wish I could, but it's impossible with kids. That's another thing, everything needs to be sort of child-proof.
 My friend has recently told me about the website which is pretty cool because you can make ideabooks with the styles you like for the different rooms in your house.

So feel free to comment and tell me about your styles, the kind of things you like, and the kind of things you hate (some people love leather couches and some hate it) and that you would never buy. Also, feel free to send me some links!

This is exciting stuff. I'll be seeing some of you pretty soon. ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Organize your hospital bag

What should one take to the hospital when going in for a delivery?! Im sure we have all done some researching, asked our moms and friends what they took, what we should take and so on. There are lots and lots of lists out there of so called necessities and honestly, I never found one that fully satisfied me. And even though I had been through this already, with my second delivery, I still found myself searching for tips on what I should take.

So this is my take on it - I hope it helps!

- Gown/pijamas. Take 2-3. The hospital does provide you with a gown but I find it not only hideous but also extremely revealing (two huge slits on my front are not my idea of confortable). I personally liked wearing pjs better. I felt more at ease with my movements, but it will really depend on how you are feeling. It's hard bending to put on pants, even if you had the perfect normal delivery. Anyway, I brought 2 pjs this time and 1 gown and I'm glad I brought them!

- Underwear. Another item provided by the hospital. They give these great disposable ones that you can use and then throw away - wonderfulness! However, I like to bring my own. The ones given my the hospital made me itch and were rather unconfortable. So I'm glad I brought my won (3-5).

- Socks, it does get chilly so it's nice to have a few pairs on hand.

- Slippers - last time I had slippers and it was great, this time, I also brought some, but I'm favoring my flip flops a little more (maybe because it's summer... I don't know).

- Toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, soap, tooth paste and brush and all that jazz - bring! I also liked having liquid soap and a loofa.

- Makeup - who ever said you need to look like crap after you delivered?! He-llo!!! You need to look gorgeous and prettier than ever, after all there will be lots of picture taking! So please, do put on some make up before the going into the hospital and bring some along with you! It will not only help you look better, but it will also help you feel better! Also, put on some cute little earings too will ya?! No woman should ever be seen with at least some little amount of sparkle!

- Nursing bra - a confortable, rather loose bra. It's likely your milk won't come in until you leave the hospital (though it might), and if it does, you do not want to be wearing a tight, underwired braw. Trust me! 

- Boppy pillow and nursing cover. Not necessities, but I have found it helpful to have them. The boppy pillow is wonderful and will make breastfeeding a lot easier, and the cover is very convenient when visitors come in and you're just about done and starting.

- Food. Yes, you will be fed, but where are you going to find food at 3am when you get hungry after a feeding (or an attempt at it)??? When I had my little boy, I friend brought some muffins and fruit when she came to visit instead of flowers. I loved it! It was the best gift and a wonderful idea. I got so hungry during the night and those muffins saved me! So unless you have a wonderful friend with wonderfully thoughtful ideas like I do - take a few snacks, or make your husband do a grocery run after the delivery!

- Cute going home outfit! Please, no sweat pants and a t-shirt! I'm sure we've all watched What not to wear and can agree, that Stacy and Clinton would be appauled at such a sight! You can look cute and be comfortable at the same time. A dress is always a safe bet, it's confortable, not tight or constricting and easy to put on. I'm not saying skinny jeans and high heels... just something cute. :o)

- CAMERA!!! Can't forget that one right?! Cam corders, a laptop and a blog/facebook account are also important in sharing with everyone the cuteness and perfectness of your baby!

But the most important thing is to not stress and enjoy your stay. If you forget something, or realize later that you should have brought that other random item - it's ok! Surely you don't live hundreds of miles away from the hospital and your hubby can make a quick run home to get whatever it is your crazy self desires!

That and the car seat, because you can't take baby home without it! ;o)