Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cloth diapers

I've recently found these videos on simple mom and I thought they were sort of interesting. I've always been a little curious on how cloth diapers work but I don't know if I would ever have the courage to try them out. I still don't know how I feel about them, it just seems like so much work! But it would be nice to have some around in case you ever run out of disposable ones. I don't know, I think I want to try it out someday just for the heck of it!

How to put on a prefold, a fitted, and a pocket diaper from on Vimeo.

How to clean a cloth diaper from on Vimeo.

What is your opinion on cloth diapers?


Hey everybody! I'm so excited to finally start a blog about motherhood- Let's share ideas, experiences, suggestions, struggles, tips, photos, stories, articles, anything you want! As long it has to do with being a mother. This blog will also help us to get to know other young mothers out there who go through the same things we do.

So to kick things off, I want each of you (if you are a mother) to leave a comment on here introducing yourself. You don't have to give specifics if you don't want to, but be sure to tell us how many kids you have and any ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see on this blog.

*Let the fun begin!!*