Monday, June 28, 2010

Some of us might need this... :)

I just found this cute little "toddler leash" tutorial for those of you who may run into the problem of carrying too many things while running errands and not having enough hands to hold your toddler's hand (or toddlers' hands in my case). I have to admit I have had to tell my daughter hold onto my pockets or my legs while I'm trying to do something else, like trying to get a diaper bag and other things out of the car.

I just love this idea! So click here for the tutorial. It's super easy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learning/Reading Systems

Lately I've been doing a research on what to give to my daughter who will be turning 3 in August because I want to give her something that she'll really enjoy and be engaged in. Not just another toy for our huge collection.
I came accross this learning system called the "MobiGo" by VTech, it just came out and it's recommended for kids ages 3-7. Most of these learning systems are recommended to kids at least 4 years-old, so I was happy this one wasn't. You can also buy different cartriges with her favorite characters and she plays while she learns phonics, numbers, math, etc. Kinda like a Nintendo DS, but aimed for smaller children. It is also touchscreen but it has a slide-out keyboard which is also kinda cool.
My only problem with this kind of stuff is that I'm worried she'll be so focused playing she'll forget about the world around her (just like all those boys that take their PSP everywhere they go and have no idea what's going on around them).
I wish I knew other parents that have bought this for their children to see what they think. Knowing my daughter though, I think she would play with it in the beginning but if she doesn't get it she's only going to pretend play; like she's typing on a computer or something. So I don't think it would be a problem for us.
Now speaking of learning systems, I've also found all kinds of products, like reading systems (a pen that actually "reads" to your child and supposedly brings the story to life), and even an animated reading system in which you put the book inside the system (of course it needs to be a special "cartrige" book) and it turns into a virtual book, you see the story on a screen, flip the pages with a touch of a button, there's music, games, you can touch each word and it will say the word, touch the pictures and they'll come to life, etc.

What the heck?! This seems really cool actually, but is it taking away from the child the experience of actually reading a real book? Are parents too busy nowadays, that they can't read to their children? Is it taking away the child's chance to imagine?

Would this actually take place of real books or be just like any other electronic toy they have, but better since it helps your child learn? Would they be even more interested in books because of the fact that they can remove the book from the learning system and actually flip through the pages and put it back in and see it come to life as if it were something magical?

As you can see, I'm really torn and I can't decide what I really think about these learning systems. I need advice- Even if you're not a mom, even if your kids don't own these, whatever! Just share your opinion and I'd be grateful!

On another note, what do you think would be a great gift for a 3 year-old girl? ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

And the winner is...

Congratulations Dani Guerra on the Tiny Looks Giveaway!

This is what Dani wrote:Delete
Blogger Daniguerra said...
I loooooove the cute dresses she makes!!! ANd I'm lucky enough to know her! I posted the link on fb!
Monday, June 07, 2010
Rebeca will contact you soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Presenting...The Tiny Looks Boutique & a Giveaway!

My super talented friend Rebeca has finally opened her shop and is ready to take orders! Here are some of the cute things in her shop:

I LOVE this dress!

Denim ruffle skirt.

Wrap Dress.
Denim skirt and deer top.

How adorable is this skirt?

Car-seat canopy. Great baby shower gift (comes in many other colors)!

Nursing cover. Also a GREAT gift!

Hair accessories:

She makes these flowers to match the dress! How CUTE are they???

She also takes special orders like custom-made bedding! And this girl has some good taste. The fabric she uses are gorgeous!

And best of all...She's doing a giveaway! Check out this darling dress and flower hair-clip one lucky winner will get:
And if I'm not mistaken, she has it up to size 4T. So what are you waiting for?

To win:

1. Take a look at her blog,
2. Announce this giveaway on facebook, twitter, or your blog,
3. And leave a comment telling us what you like best from her boutique and where you announced the giveaway (don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you in case you win).

a) You can have up to 3 entries (each place you announce counts as one entry).
b) please make sure to leave each entry as it's own comment.
c) using, 1 winner of this giveaway will be chosen on Wednesday, June 16th @ 9pm EST.
d) open only to contestants in the U.S AND Brazil.
e) please don't forget to leave me an email where I can reach you in case you win.

One more thing! Place your order (of either a dress or a skirt) within the next 3 days and get a matching flower to go with the outfit you choose!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fridge Organizer

I saw this idea and though it was great! It seems like a rather simple project and I'm sure it could even be done in a non-sewing way!

It's great for those of us that have tons of stuff all over their fridges - like me. Which I don't usually mind but sometimes all those little notes, recipe cards, clippings and so on do bug me, and the tiny little note pads are never enough for me.  Plus it's WAY cute!

So to read more on this project head over to the Little Big Girl Studio and read more about it HERE.

Or you could just do these Marble Magnets from Not Martha to pretty up your fridge!