Friday, June 4, 2010

Fridge Organizer

I saw this idea and though it was great! It seems like a rather simple project and I'm sure it could even be done in a non-sewing way!

It's great for those of us that have tons of stuff all over their fridges - like me. Which I don't usually mind but sometimes all those little notes, recipe cards, clippings and so on do bug me, and the tiny little note pads are never enough for me.  Plus it's WAY cute!

So to read more on this project head over to the Little Big Girl Studio and read more about it HERE.

Or you could just do these Marble Magnets from Not Martha to pretty up your fridge!


Rebeca Price said...

nossa q ideia boaa! adorei. vou ter q fazer, porque aqui em casa, embora nao temos tanta coisa asism na geladeira, mas sempre tem algo q cai ou fica escondido atras..hehehe

valeu pela dica.

Aline Carson said...

What a good idea!!!