Friday, May 14, 2010

Mommie Binder Follow Up.

A lot of you said you were making a Mommy Binder. So now I would love for you to share it with the rest of us!

What did you include in your binder?
How has it helped?

And send us a link with a picture! We all love to see pictures right?!


Bryan and Audrey said...

I actually just finished mine the other day! I'll try and post some pictures somewhere for everyone to see! It's been very helpful to have so many things that were just laying around actually organized somewhere for quick reference! My dividers contain important phone numbers, family and ward directories, coupons, community information, a to do list, and I want to add a calendar to it! Pretty helpful...

Kika & Trevor Windhorst said...

I want to do one. You know all those magasines we get? I thought of getting a binder and keeping the articles that I loved so I can have them in the future instead of keeping all those magazines, but I haven't done it yet.

Anna said...

That's a good idea Kika!
I also added another section to my binder this week. It's my BILL TRACKING tab... I have a list of all the bills we need to pay, their usual due dates and then I have columns for each month so I can keep track of which ones I have already payed without having to go to each site and check... it's been really helpful, with this crazy mind of mine, I can use all the help I can get in remembering what I have and haven't done!

Aline Carson said...

I have a section with kids' stuff especially those medical records, vaccinations, etc. I haven't worked much with it ever since I put it together but I plan on getting all phone numbers I may need for the kids like pediatrician, school, other kids of doctors, etc.
I also made the past menus and recipes sections like you did Anna.
I also did a section with appointments (because we always have so many docs and dentist appointments).
Anyway, I have pictures on my blog but it's private ;)