Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids shouldn't get sick

I know that now I'm asking too much, but don't you just wish your children wouldn't get sick? They just get so miserable and your heart hurts just to see them like that. If you could switch places with your child, would you? I bet most of you would. But unfortunately (or fortunately for some people) we can't. So what is the best way to care for them when they're sick? What if you have more than one child and they get sick at the same time? What are some techniques you have used that have worked for you?
I've been having a big problem lately. My oldest is going to preschool and she's been constantly sick. We live in a very polluted city, so coughs and allergies are most often. She brings in the virus and her little brother always ends up getting sick as well. When one gets better, the other one gets sick and then both get sick and so on. It's a cycle!! How can I prevent all of this from happening? It is very hard work to have sick children, let me tell you! We've been doing inhalations 4 times a day, and they hate doing that! It's bad enough that I have to force them to do it the whole time, but try doing it for half an hour each time. That's how much the doctor has told me to do. Otherwise if they don't get completely better and keep having bronchiolitis they'll end up developing asthma (for life). Oh, great!
I've been doing my best followig doctor's orders with my youngest, but since my oldest didn't have it nearly as bad as he did, I didn't take her in (I took him to the E.R). But now it seems like she's getting worse and while I'm doing everything I can to get my youngest to feel better, I'm not doing much for her. She won't let the inhaling mask get near her so she's just getting worse. I took her to the doctor a little over a month ago because of a never-ending cough (that had been going for a month already) and the doctor said that she was getting over it so she wouldn't prescribe anything. Well...I know I should probably take her to the doctor again but you know when you just know what they're going to say and you're going to get out of there thinking you have just wasted your time and that you probably know better because you are the one who spends 24 hours a day with them? Well, I'm still taking them in. Even if I have to get out of there frustrated. Because today is the 5th day of medicine and inhalation for my youngest and he's still not 100%. But that's what us moms do. We don't want to risk it, right? We'll go to any length to protect our children and their well-being. I'm just glad my children don't have and haven't gone through any serious illnesses or injuries.

Taking care of sick children sure is a LOT of work, though. I admire moms that have 4, 5, 6 (or more) children because sometimes it seems like I can barely make it with two. My patience level gets at its highest sometimes and I get completely exhausted. Before I had kids I wanted to have about 6 children. Now my number has gone down. Way down. Before we have kids we're so totally oblivious to what having children is like, even if we think we know, we know nothing.

A few days ago my aunt and I were talking about the fact that our children seem to always be getting sick and one topic led to another and we ended up talking about all the things that happen before we get to church in the morning and how people that have no children (or even couples that only have one child) have no idea all the things that may happen before we get there. And that sometimes we're even judged by the fact that we're late!
Anyway, I went a little off the subject here, but I've been a little too exhausted lately and just needed to get it all out. I know that this is all part of motherhood and we all go through the same things, even though sometimes it seems like we're totally alone. I love being a mother and wouldn't have it any other way. ;)


Anna said...

I also hate the fact that Thomas seems to be sick at least once a month. Just these past few days he has started with a cough, the congested kind of cough. Everytime he starts with this I get the chills, because it has most often lead to an ear infection which includes long nights, no sleep, no eating, fussyness and having to give more medicine than he will willing take and that I would like to give to a 18 mo old.

I hate it when he gets sick because I know that it not only is unconfortable to him, but it also drains me, especially now that I'm pregnant.

So I've been trying to do everything I can to avoid it... more fruits and veggies, vitamins, bundleling him probably a lot more than he needs to be bundled when we go out side and so on. And of course lots and lots of prayers...

Rebeca Price said...

Menina, FELIZMENTE a Rachel nao fica muito doente. Nossa, cada dia minhas oracoes sao pra q ela fique sempre saudavel porque eu sinceramente odeio quando ela ta doente e eu nao consigo fazer nada. Eh triste ver nosso bebe doentinho e vc sem poder resolver essa doenca.
Nem posso imaginar como seria com duas criancas.
Forca ai pra voce. Eh verdade mesmo q a poluicao de SP soh piora a situacao neh?
fica bem!! espero q as criancas melhorem logooo.

Aline Carson said...

You gave me a good idea Anna, it seems kinda obvious but I think I need to start giving the kids some vitamins and a lot more fruits and veggies. ;)
And I also bundle them up a lot more than I probably should ahaha

Paty said...

It is very exhausting to have your kids sick and heartbreaking as well. My girls haven't gotten sick for a while so it's nice. However, when they do get sick it usually happens at the same time. They actually don't mind the medicine, and they cuddle a lot but the night is usually hard. I just do my best to take care of them, pray a lot and hope that it goes away soon. Unfortunately, I don't have family close by so I've learned to always just deal with things on my own and hope for the best.

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

I think Anna have great advice: feeding them more fruits and veggies and keeping them dressed according to the temperature. If we dress them too much they might get heat exaustion and if we undress them they might catch something else.

Olivia is 14 months and has only been sick twice, we are very blessed! She's had a ear infection and she's had a bad cold. She's a good eater and I think that helps her immune system. And she goes to the gym daycare, play dates and her cousin upstairs is contantly sick. Olivia is just healthy and we are grateful for it! Something that I think really helps is Noni juice. I work at Noni and give her the drink a few times a week, I really think it helps her immune system stay strong.

Good luck to us all :)

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...
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Sarah @ Different Dog said...

My girls just got over some horrible bug...don't know what it was. The thing I dislike most about them getting sick is whether or not to take them to the doctor, to get the prescription etc??? We took my littlest in because her fever was so high and she had a little seizure (which happened last year too and I'm very watchful), so I wanted to make sure and get her checked. We were at the walk in clinic for two hours and the doctor saw her for maybe three minutes, and deduced she had strep throat...NOT. They didn't seem to care if she'd had a seizure at all.
Plus it cost us $60 with insurance ($282 without).
So it makes me mad all round. Mad that she's sick and mad that the dr. is an idiot. She was eating, walking around and feeling fine the next day.
Then my other daughter got the same thing and slept for 24 hours and was fine. So weird.
I hate to see the little ones suffer at all.