Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I loved all the costumes that were sent in! I hope you enjoy the too!!!
(You'll have to look at all the cute photos in order to get to the giveaway!!!)


Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Batman and Robin

Pink Fairy

Little Reindeer

Pirate and The Cutest Clown I've ever seen!

Another Pirate... this one looks like he's about to send someone to the plank!

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe got sick so he didn't make it....

Charles Chaplin - probably the most original idea I've ever seen!!!

Pebbles and and her cute Mama! Can you believe she made this her self?! With Hot Glue!?!?!

Cute little kitty!

Lion costumes are my favorite, especially when they have such a chubby face like this little guy!

"Do the Monkey uu-aa-uu-aa!"

A very cute Princess Tiana!

The cutest bumble bee in the hive!!!
 A not so happy piratess.... but very cute non the less

Edward's got nothing compared to this little stud!

This little pumpkin witch is just about to cast a spell.... or maybe she already did?!

Spider Man !!!

Dora the Explorer

Another very cute Bumble Bee

Flower Power 

Peter Pan

Tinker Bells!

 Captain Hook and Tiger Lily


And now... for the Giveaway!!!!
You could win this super cute throw pillow case, made by - Yours Truly!

It's very very simple! Leave a comment on this post telling us what costume you liked best or what you were this year for Halloween, or say how cute the pillow is and how much you want it - or whatever....

Only one comment per person please, this giveaway is only open today - Sunday, October 31st and it will close at 11:55pm MST!!! 

Anyone can participate, even if you live outside the US

Winner will be announced Tomorrow - Monday, November 1st - so come back to check if you won!


Jennifer and Shay said...

I loved seeing all the cute costumes! And I would definitely love to have that adorable pillow!!

Nancy said...

Amei todas as fantasias...mas a melhor foi Little Reindeer..pela foto e pela fantasia..E espero ganahr a almofadinha!!!heheheh bjinhos

2 + 2 = 4 said...

Seriously, Anna? How are we to choose one?

I loooooove the reindeer one, the little chubby cheek lion one, smiley Peter Pan. The little pirate girl with piggy tails, the top fairies, and while I am a sucker for homemade costumes...I have to say that the little girl wearing the Tiana costume is just too, can I vote for her too?

See....too unfair for us viewers...too many cuties...

Rebeca Price said...

olha, eu tenho varios q eu acho q foram muito boas:
peter pan (thomas)
vampirinho (gabriel)
fairy (rachel)
e a charlie chapplin (kika)
muito criativos!!!!
espero ganhar a almofadinha!!!



Gente todos estão lindos, mas quem é aquele leãozinho de biquinho?!?!Tão fofooooooooooo!!!!

Kikete de Pedrita junto com Olivia feito de cola quente ABALARAM!

Paty said...

My favorite costume is the one of the baby in the lion costume, he is adorable!

Troy&Kel said...

Amei todas as fantasias... Bem criativas! But my favorite is definitely the bumble bee!! Adorable!!!

Aline Carson said...

Can I comment?? hehe...I really liked that chubby lion and of course princess Tiana..hahah sooo bias...

Bromley family said...

Eu amei todas as fantasias + o Vampiro e o Peter Pan sao os meus favoritos :).

The Marshalls said...

Too bad I was so busy that I forgot to send my little Thomas's pic. All these kids are so cute... but my vote goes to the Pink Fary!

Kika & Trevor Windhorst said...

this is too tough!
For the adults I loved the Louis Lane and Clark Kent idea, very cool. The kids? Well the lion with the chubby cheeks is ADORABLE and so is peter pan!

I would looooooove this pillow cuz it's gorgeous and all the ones I have now SUCK! ;) hugs!

Bryan and Audrey said...

Yep...too hard to choose one! Little kids just look adorable no matter what costume they are wearing! My sweet little tinker bell nieces do look adorable though!
So yeah, give me the pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P

Camille said...

I would love the little pillow, so cute and festive!!! My favorite was the little Lion with the puckery face. He would have gone great with my husband and son. They were a bear and Tiger, and we carried a stuffed Lion (for Lions and tigers and bears OHH MY!)