Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Fashion Show and Giveaway!!!

On Sunday we'll be displaying all the pictures that are sent for the Fashion Show! This is a great oportunity for us to share our kiddos cuteness and to give ideas for next year!

Another exciting thing that will be going on on Sunday is a Giveaway! It'll be open SUNDAY ONLY, so be sure to come by and participate, details will be given that day (but basically you come in, leave a comment saying whose costume you like best and you'll be entered on the giveaway!) Anyone can participate in the giveaway, even if you live outside the U.S.!

But what will be given away you ask? This boo-tiful throw pillow!!!!
 Now, here the fun thing about this pillow : t's actually a throw pillow-pillow case. The idea is that you stuff it with a little pillow and you can actually make more pillow cases for other seasons/holidays and then recycle it through the year!

So send us pictures by SATURDAY to and be sure to come back on Sunday to check out the Fashion Show and enter to win in the giveaway!!!

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