Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here are some topic ideas I've had from what I read on your comments and from talking to some of our contributors.

- Crafts for children
- Breastfeeding
- Beauty & nutrition for mom
- Health & Safety
- Home & Fashion (fashion includes tips on what stores are on sale, what's cute & comfy for mom, etc).
- Organization tips
- Things we go through (this includes things like weight gain, pregnancy,miscarriage, post-partum depression, working after having a baby, daily struggles, etc)
- Things to do for cheap or for free (in your area)
- Children's literature
- Child Development (this includes things like sleeping through the night, potty training and everything child-related)

I would like each of you (contributors) to think about 1 or more topics you would like to be in charge of. There can definitely be more than one person in charge of a certain topic, especially because I don't want any of you to feel overwhelmed with this. After we have it all sorted out we will pick certain days of the week to talk about each topic; some will even be like every 2 weeks or so.

If any of you are interested in writing on this blog but don't have access to it, please give me your email and I'll add you as a contributor.

Also, if you don't speak/write english very well you can still do this. Just write it in Portuguese, save it as a draft and I'll translate it and post in English and in Portuguese, which is even better.

Another thing: don't be shy and just GO for it. If you don't contribute, than there is no reason for us to keep going with this blog. I'm not an expert and this isn't a blog only about my life and my kids. It's about all of us mommies out there and our different experiences. We are here to learn with one another.

Oh, and if you have any more ideas on topics for this blog, please let me know!

Thank you girls SO much, you are the BEST! We're going to have SO much fun with this thing!


Anna said...

I'm working a post for organization and I have a bunch of ideas for future posts too (on organization as well).

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

Hi dear, I think i would feel comfortable writing about "things we go through", cuz, gosh, I've been through (and still struggle with) a lot of the list there. Also, I would love to share about fashion. I am not the biggest fashionista, but I do think that the sweats and pajamas should stay INSIDE the house :)


Aline Carson said...

hahaha verdade né! I'm really looking forward to the "things we go through" because I think all of us go through some of those things (or many of those things) at one point in our lives. It will be nice to know we're not alone! Pode começar a pensar no que quer escrever e se já quiser indo escrevendo, melhor ainda! Eu vou decidir hoje os dias que a gente vai discutir sobre cada coisa, tá?
(E que mistureba de portuinglês)!

Aline Carson said...

Anna, como vc já tem o seu post de organization (eu cheguei a abrir pra ver how far along you were mas não li nada, I promise), eu vou colocar vc como primeira, tá?

Liesl said...

So sorry Aline, I just read this after I did my post. I was confused and thought that I was just supposed to randomly pick something and write something!!!! I can delete my post and pick a topic to be in charge of! Sorry sorry sorry sorry, I feel really silly now!