Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Questions for mommies 2

So this is the continuation of the questions you've submitted a couple weeks ago. I'm posting 2-3 questions every week so if your question isn't on this post, it will probably be on the upcoming posts.

- How do you discipline your toddler?

- What kind of food does your toddler eat?

- How do you deal with picky eaters?


What are your thoughts on these?


Dri Marshall said...

- What kind of food does your toddler eat?

Thomas eats almost everything, but he has a hard time trying anything for the first time. I almost have to force him to take the first bite, but then he likes it and everything if fine. In the morning, after 9oz of warm milk, I give him cereal, oatmeal or toast. His snacks are usually fruit, yogurt or cereal. For lunch I give him pasta most of the time, he LOVES it( I try to put veggies in the sauce to make it a little more nutritious). At dinner he always eats what we are eating (brazilian food-most of the time, pizza, mexican food, barbecue...). And he alawys drinks about 4 or 5oz of milk before bedtime. Thomas loves drinks. He gets about 4 or 5 servings of water and juice during the day.

oh, and Thomas won't eat plain cheese. I don't know why, he just doesn't like it. But I guess that is not an issue when he loves milk and yogurt.

Thomas has a hard time eating salads. That is when I buy V8 juices to make sure he gets the nutrients he needs.

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

Olivia is not 100% toddler right now but so far she is a good eater. She still drinks formula a few times a day and loves baby foods.

I try to go as fresh as possible, trying to give her fresh fruits and veggetables. She also loves to snach on string cheese, cereal bars, bread, pasta, yogurt.

My difficulty is to make her DRINK! She often denies water and most juices. She likes apple juice and that's it! She loves all fruits and so far all vegetables.

I am interested to know how to try to help Olivia like WATER and other drinks.

Oh, I also NEVER give her sugars, candies, chocolate, greasy and fry foods, you know, JUNK food in general.

Mara said...

- How do you discipline your toddler?

Bom, meu filho tem 15 meses, então acho que ainda não tenho muitos problemas de disciplina com ele.
- Quando ele tinha mais ou menos uns 11 meses, ele começou a se jogar no chão quando não tinha o que ele queria. A única coisa que fizemos foi ignorá-lo. Rapidamente ele percebeu que essa não era a melhor forma de conseguir algo. Ele só fez isso umas 5 vezes.
- Outro problema que eu imagino que a maioria das mães tem, é o de manter seus filhos quietos durante as reuniões na Igreja.
Na minha Ala começamos pela sacramental, onde eu procuro me sentar sempre num banco encostado na parede. Como meu marido é da estaca, eu quase sempre estou sozinha na capela. Então, eu uso o banco inteiro! Esse é o espaço que meu filho pode usar. Eu procuro mantê-lo sentado no banco, mas quando ele se cansa, pode andar no espaço entre o banco e a parede. Eu nunca o deixo sair andando pelo salão e procuro nunca sentar perto de outras crianças (especialmente aquelas cujos pais deixar ficar correndo pelo salão sacramental).
- Quando eu quero que ele fique quietinho em algum lugar, como as aulas do Instituto, por exemplo, eu procuro levar lápis de cor e papel para ele desenhas ou qualquer coisa divertida e silenciosa para ele fazer sentadinho. Mas se mesmo assim, ele ficar impaciente, eu saio com ele da sala, mas sempre no colo. Eu procuro mostrar que é mais divertido ficar na sala do que sair. Eu acho que se eu o deixar no chão, andando ou correndo, ele vai achar mais divertido ficar fora...
- Ele já entende o que é não, mas nem sempre quer obedecer. Então, temos que vencê-lo pelo cansaço e ser mais insistentes que ele...hehehe... às vezes ele tenta mexer umas 10 vezes numa coisa e eu o tiro e digo não. Até que chega uma hora em que ele desiste. Quando isso acontece, dificilmente ele vai voltar a mexer lá, ou se for, ele sempre me avisa antes... hahaha... É ate engraçado, pq ele fala algo e aponta para o que ele quer mexer e espera a minha reação, sabe?

Eita! Acho que já escrevi demais... rsrs...

carsonstudios said...

I try my best to discipline Jasmine and Eric (my almost toddler) with positive reinforcement. I try not exagerate so much with praise when they do something they're usually supposed to, like saying please, thank-you, etc. Otherwise they'll always think we need to throw a huge party for them whenever they throw something in the trash for example (and they'll always do it for the praise and not because they know they're supposed to).
Whenever Jasmine does something wrong I put her in time-out for 2 minutes (since she's only 2 years-old). When the 2 minutes are up, I sit right next to her and talk about what she did. If she hurt her brother for example she has to say it's sorry and if I yelled at her or something I also say I'm sorry, and that I shouldn't have yelled ('cause I don't want her to think it's ok to yell).

Jasmine eats pretty much everything, Eric doesn't eat so much. He likes rice and beans and that's about it. He's always hated all kids of baby food (even homemade) which was a struggle for me because I had to be really creative when it came to feeding him. Now he's eating a little bit more though (thank goodness).

So for lunch and sometimes even for dinner they eat rice and beans, some kind of protein, vegetables, and a salad. They rarely have pasta, probably only once a week or every two weeks but they do like it (even Eric).

For snacks they usually have crackers, cheese, juice and a fruit. They also like dehydrated fruit and granola bars. Jasmine loves yogurt, but Eric isn't such a big fan.

I really don't know how to deal with picky eaters all that much because my son IS a very picky eater. One thing I know though is not to force them to eat if they don't want to and don't give them something they like if they don't eat. Like for example, I used to give Eric a bottle if he didn't eat his lunch and the doctor told me not to because then he would know that if he didn't eat his food he would get a bottle, which he loves. So I stopped giving him a bottle and just let him starve. It didn't last very long, he's a quick learner. Now he's eating much better, not perfect, but better. He's only got 3 grown teeth though so it's not like there's a huge variety of food he can eat.

Oh, and it's Aline by the way. I'm logged on with Chris' account.

Mara said...

Ah, quanto à educação, eu tbm procuro sempre elogiar quando ele faz as coisas corretas, como guardar os brinquedos, por exemplo.
E, apesar do Sam não falar ainda, sempre que eu peço alguma coisa para ele, sempre digo por favor e obrigada, porque precisamos dar o exemplo...

Price Family said...

My daughter eats everything and anything that comes in front of her :) She eats all the foods we eats which makes really easy to us when preparing our meals at home. We dont have to prepare anything different for her! She loves milk, juice, SODA..(yeah, it's sad, but she likes it a lot).

I am learning how to disciplinate her little by little. I already tried putting her for time-out a couple times and she seems not to understand the whole point, but she knows time-out is not a good thing, so if i tell her she is going time out she stops what she's been doing. I also hit her in her hand or butt when she does the same wrong thing again and again. I believe the saying: "se nao aprende pelo amor, aprende pela dor" (if you dont learn with love, learn with pain). I know spanking is bad, and that's why I always try other ways until I get to that point. She already knows what's going to happen if she keeps doing that wrong thins over and over again. So I think a little hit in her hand helps!!! But, CONTROL is always important too!!!

Rachel is not picky. In fact, I think when the kid gets to the age of 18 to 24 months old they start not liking things they usually liked so much before. It is just a phase. Leave aside and try here in a couple months. That's been working with us. Rachel didnt like bananas for a while, but she LOVED is before. We waited a couple weeks and now she wants 2 bananas all at once :)

Barbara said...

Well, I think each child is very different, so it's hard to really have a decided pattern. I give Izzy everything that I eat so she can at least try it. The first time she always tries it from my plate and then if she doesn't like it right away I keep trying to give it to her. I never force her to eat and I try to never make a big deal about food, if she wants a sucker every once in a while I can give it to her. I make healthy food and give her healthy options but I don't forbid things around her, because I think the more your forbid certain foods, the more the kid will want it.

About discipline I still struggle...but I use time out and positive reinforcement, meaning that I compliment when she helps and when she is gentle with her sister.

I'm really no expert though, because I only have two kids and I'm still learning so much with my 2 1/2 yr old. :)

2 + 2 = 4 said...

- How do you discipline your toddler?

We attended a Love and Logic Class and we use that. It works wonders.

- What kind of food does your toddler eat?

One kid would eat rocks if we gave her. She eats anything. Other kid...would be just fine if food was not necessary to her existence!

- How do you deal with picky eaters?

I bribe. :)

Anna said...

Thomas is a light eater. He doesn't eat much at once, but he likes to snack. Which I understand and don't usually mind because it's how I am.
In the morning I usually give him oatmeal, I'll occasionally make something different like pancakes or waffles, but oatmeal is the most common (for both of us).
Since he wakes up pretty late, he'll usually only have a snack before his nap (which is when I'm having lunch, but he rarely cares for lunch then). I'll give him crackers and cheese and some fruit, or a yogurt and then before his nap he drinks either a cup of milk or of juice.He wakes up hungry and eats whatever I had for lunch and then snacks, the has dinner with us and another cup of milk before bed.

He's a light eater,which I used to get worried about, but then I realized a few things.
1. He's growing (and how!) and he's full of energy.
2. he sleeps really well. He rarely rarely rarely ever wakes up hungry in the middle of the night, and when he does, it's usually because we had a hectic day and I didn't pay enough attention to his eating.

In terms of being picky, he goes through phases. I just keep trying to give him things at different times and eventually he ends up liking them. But I really don't stress too much over it. As long as he's getting a little bit of everything, I don't get hung up on the fact that he won't eat oranges. Eventually he will. And for now, apples, bananas, peaches and the other fruits that he does eat are just as nutritious.

Liesl said...

Aline, I really liked that you say sorry if you end up yelling at Jasmine. I need to do that more with my kids! I've found that Daniel has started talking to me the way I talk to him...which most the time is yelling and saying no because he's always doing what he is not supposed to. Sometimes I do have to yell though to get him to listen, so I am going to start saying sorry for yelling if I do yell. Thanks for that suggestion!

Paty said...

I'm trying to do time out but my girls don't seem to get it yet. They think it's a game. I'm really serious when I try to implement it too, but it still hasn't worked. Plus they run in opposite directions when they get up, so by the time I chase after one to put her back on her corner, the other one is gone. It is sooo exhausting! I still try though. I also spank them, but I try my best not to. I only do it as a last resort. Except last time I spanked Aubrey, she just started laughing, she thought it was the funniest thing!

My girls are SUPER picky! I don't like it but I can't seem to get them to try too many things. They usually eat the same things all the time, which sucks but I hope they get over this stage soon. They eat yoghurt, chicken nuggets, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, germade, cereal, quesadillas, pasta soups such as alphabet and stars, they will eat all kinds of fruit, but are not much into veggies, except for cucumbers and a couple others. They usually don't wanna try what I make, they just assume they won't like it. Oh and get this, they don't like pizza!

Mara said...

Quando o Sam não gosta de algo que eu acho que é importante que ele coma, eu processo ou amasso junto com outra coisa que ele goste. Por exemplo: ele não gosta de brocolis. Então, eu processo junto com caldo de feijão, que ele adora. Mamão ele tbm não gosta, então, eu amasso junto com bananas e ele come sem nem perceber...

Bianca said...

- How do you discipline your toddler?
I talk, talk, talk. I always talk with Lucas about everything and, even when he didn´t understand it, it would help him get used to the reasons.

- What kind of food does your toddler eat?
Lucas is not a picky eater but we always have to bribe him to begin eating... once he does, he usually eats everything.

- How do you deal with picky eaters?
Great tip I came up with and works everytime: "this is the same salad the Bakyardigans love to have!", "This apple/orange/banana... is from Lazytown"... so, I pretty much tell Lucas that the cartoon characters he watches eat the same thing I´m offering him, and so does he! It works every time!