Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and seems like some times this is a rushed holiday... at least that is how I feel sometimes. Like " Ugh, can Thanksgiving just go already so we can get on with Christmas!?"

But even though Thanksgiving is not part of my culture, I think it's a great holiday to celebrate - no matter where you are from or where you are! It's about being grateful, giving thanks, being with family and cherising those moments.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, and its true meaning, not just the amazingly good food, and the ridiculous amount of it, the football and all the other stuff that it may be mistaken for... let's take some time these next few weeks and celebrate - what do you think?!

To start off... let's hear some traditions, shall we?! What kinds of things do you do on Thanksgiving day? Decor ideas maybe? Or even activities to do with the kiddos! Do you have any traditions in terms of food making, or games, or things to pass time with... whatever you've got - share with us!

I have seem some very cute ideas around the blogsphear and am excited to share with you!


Kika & Trevor Windhorst said...

The only thanksgiving tradition that I really have is to EAT! I love eating so that's easy! But two years ago I also started making and writing cards and sending them to people that I am REALLY thankful for and being specific about what they did that changed me or my life. I think we say "thank you" to people all the time but it doesn't always sounds heartfelt. A handwritten letter really reminds that person, even years later, that they made a difference in our lives.

Aline Carson said...

My husband's family always plays games during thanksgiving. The boys like to watch football while the girls just keep on muching (hehe). Actually I don't have any traditions since I've only started celebrating this holiday ever since I got married but would love to start one. I love Kika's idea of making and sending cards to people.