Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Organization :: Mommy Binder

Ever since I was little my mom has had this binder, which we always called it Mom's Binder. She kept all sorts of things in that binder... and in the past couple of years I've come to realize that's it's because of ideas like having that binder that makes my mom awesome.

Ok, so it's a binder, but what's so great about this binder?

Well, you know those random little things that just seem to travel from one drawer to another and from one table to another but don't really have a home but are important enough that need to be right there when you need it? Well, that's what she kept in this binder.

- Ward/School directories
- Important numbers
- School calendars
- recipes to try, coupon clippings
- etc.

I have to modify this binder every once in a while to fit our needs. But as of right now this is what my binder looks like:

I have tab dividers for each of the following topics:

- Past Menus
- Recipes to Try (they go here before making it to my recipe book)
- Directories
- Thomas
- Misc

Pretty self explanatory right?

Then on the front flap pocket I have some note cards which is where I write the final version of the weekly menu, stamps (which I'm currently out) and some envelopes/cards.

I also keep a calendar where I write down the menus for that month which then will go to the past menus tab. (which I still have to make for this month! eek)

There are also some blank pages where I can scribble and write stuff on. I put the grocery sales paper things in here when we get them so I can use them for the menu planning, along with other coupons that I get/find.

On the back of the binder I have some other folders that hold other important things. One for the apartment and emergency information and so on and one for a program for which I'm part of that ends with a whole lot of handouts that I need to keep and have handy)

Anyway, that you should give you a general idea of the purpose of this binder. We all have different needs which will lead to different tabs, folders and sizes of binders.

My mom used to have a folder for each one of us, where she kept all school notes, field trip notices and anything else that she needed to keep, look or sign.

For me, the best has been the directories section. I can not tell you how many ward directories I have lost. I never know where I put them, so I can never find them when I need them - which only leads to a whole lot of frustration.

Under Thomas' tab I keep those handy dandy milestones and charts that he gets at every doctor visit, his nursery art work and anything else that I get that's related to him and that I haven't figured out what to do with yet.

Last but not least, on the very back, I keep a list of important numbers. This binder was also left handy for us and babysitters, so numbers had to be kept together and at arms reach.

There are some very fancy Mommy Binders out there. Like THIS ONE, and THIS ONE and even THIS ONE.

But really, why spend all that money when you can put one together for a fraction of the price and that will meet your needs 100%?!

Other things you can include in your binder:
- a calendar for more than just meals, include activities, important dates, birthdays, appointments.
- coupons
- handouts and pamphlets worth keeping
- appointment reminders
- bills to pay

It's really up to you. Maybe you just need a binder to throw some random things in so that they are not everywhere, or maybe you'll turn this into a planner/agenda sort of binder.

Either way, I'm sure it will help. So if you are tired of losing your ward directories or never knowing where you last left the stamps - join me and make your self a Mommy Binder!

PS: As always, if you're going to make one of these - I highly recommend making it cute and fun. We all deserve a little color and cuteness in our lives, especially in between spit ups and melt downs! ;oP So, if you're going to make one of these, I strictly forbid you to simply get a plain white or black binder - yuck! If you're not going to make a cover of whatever for it (notice mine is just a note card glued to a piece of paper - took me maybe 35 seconds?!) get a colored one and then enjoy putting this together!


Aline Carson said...

That is such a good idea, Anna! I sooo need a mommy binder! I've been using a planner but it's not big enough...I am making one TODAY!

Mara RĂºbia said...

Anna, I loved this tip!
I'll make one for me immediately!

Hey, girls, I'll start write in English, ok? Because I see everybody write in English and only I write in Portuguese... Then, it is out of context... lol... But my English is not so good, so please, help me if I write wrong...

Price Family said...

Anna, adorei!!! vou fazer um aqui tambem!!!!
ta lidno o seu.

The Marshalls said...

Making my own right now :)

Maybe I'll post some pistures on my blog later...

Aline Carson said...

We should post pictures of how everybody's binders turned out!

Aline Carson said...

Ooooorrrrr if you have money, you can buy an ipad!!!!

Liesl said...

On my to do list for tomorrow :) Thanks for the idea! And don't worry, I will definitely make it cute, that is 1/2 the fun!!!

Aline, lol!