Thursday, April 8, 2010

Natural skin care

I decided to research natural skin care to go along with the green cleaning subject; here are some tips I found that I am going to try as well:

Tip 1: Give yourself a dry brush exfoliation (this is done with a natural soft bristle brush)
  1. Stand in the shower, water off
  2. Starting at your feet, start brushing in small circles towards your heart. Apply very light pressure, avoiding broken skin, skin rashes, or areas where the skin is thin, such as the face or inner thighs.
  3. After you've finished both legs, move on to your arms. Brush from your fingertips, again towards your heart.
  4. Reach around and brush from your back towards your stomach.
  5. When you are finished, begin showering.
For me this tip is more difficult because showering is a major task in and of itself. I have to do it while my baby naps and the other two are watching a movie quietly and it seems like war breaks out whenever I do I am going to try this tip on the weekend when my husband is home to help with the kids =)

Tip 2: Rev up your Digestion
  • Good skin is a reflection of a good digestive system.
  • The most two common sluggish digestion culprits are not enough water and not enough fiber.
  • Suggested things to boost fiber are: more whole grains, apple, cauliflower, nuts, dried fuits, beans and legumes, flaxseed
Tip 3:
Invigorate Sluggish Circulation
  • One of the best things you can do for your skin, stress level, and overall health is to get moving!
  • Inactivity can affect skin and promote bloating and puffiness, acne, cellulite, and loss of muscle tone.
Tip 4:
Avoid Excess Sugar
  • Most people do not realize this but excess sugar is considered one of the main causes of premature aging.
  • Try a gradual approach - in the next week, choose one thing you're going to do to decrease the amount of sugar you consume.
Tip 5:
Eat some good fats
  • They are needed to make cell membranes, hormones, and other body chemicals.
  • They are also particularly important to people with inflammatory conditions such as eczema and acne.
  • People with essential fat deficiency sometimes notice bumps on the backs of their arms.
  • Suggestions: flaxseed, cold water fish, avocado, fish oil supplements


Aline Carson said...

Thanks for the tips, Liesl! I find it hard to shower during the day as well. That's why I usually wait for Chris to come home from work or after the kids are asleep to take a shower.

I definitely need to drink more water and eat more fiber. And, of course, exercise. But I think I move so much during the day trying so do so many things at the same time that I end up getting plenty of it..hehe....JK. I want to start doing some pilates or something. What was the name of those videos you have?

Aline Carson said...

You know what would be cool? If we did a post about homemade facial mask recipes and things like that.

Liesl said...

Funny that you mentioned that....I had read an article about that and was going to post it next week, lol. I'd love to hear what other people do for homemade facial stuff!

Liesl said...

OH here's a link to the DVDs that I like...they are actually made for instructors/personal trainers to use for their clients, I just use it for me. My favorite is Advanced but of coarse you have to work your way up to that. If you have netflix I think you can rent them from that. And you can look for them on, they are cheaper there.