Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My Nativity Sets are really special to me, plus they are fragile, so I decided to not put them out this year.
After a few days I started really missing them. So we made this: Our own little kid-friendly-non-breakable-recycled-nativity set!

I used a basket we had laying around, some toilet paper roll, tissue paper and construction paper, and a glue stick and marker. Just glue it up and place it how you wanted. I had plans to also make a sheep and a cow a shepard and the wise man, but we ended up just doing the "main characters". But it was fun and super easy. My two year old loves playing with them, moving them around and I love that I can let him!

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Rebeca Price said...

SUPER SUPER SUPER cute!!!!! nunca imaginei uma coisinha linda assim e tao propria pra crianca brincar. Perfeito anna!!!!